"leaded in" closet flange replacement
Posted by Wil Robbins on April 02, 19101 at 14:48:31:
Hi, I have been looking around for some assistance, and it looks like you can help! I am remodeling my bathroom in a house built in 1948. It looks like the floor was originally tile, but replaced with plywood. It was damaged so removed it down to the rough floor. We had had problems with the toilet leaking at the flange. The toilet was not stable, It had been shimmed but the base of the flange was about 3/4 inch above the floor surface. The flange was held in place ONLY by a lead tube inserted into the waste pipe and apparently pounded over the old brass flange. I separated the old flange from the lead. It pried fairly easily away from the flange. How do I put this back together? I know I should screw the flange to the floor, but do I just pound the lead back onto the flange and smooth it over? or is there something else I need to do to do it properly?

Thanks in advance!

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