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Posted by Mark M on April 01, 19101 at 15:05:18:
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Thanks for the help. So that plastic tube must be disintegrating, therefore the white particles are plastic. Unfortunately, repair looks difficult if I have to detatch the cold water input pipe. It's soldered in directly to the heater from the shutoff. That will mean cutting pipes and sweating in new ones. I was hoping it would be somewhat simple.

I will check at the plumbing supply store on finding a replacement pipe, and maybe look at flex tubing instead of straight copper. Thanks for all your help.

: Under the cold water pipe into the heater there is a plastic tube that goes to a point near the bottom of the heater to direct cold water beneath the hot water. During a certain period of time there was a group of bad ones, like yours. Until 12/31/00 the manufacturers were paying to replace them. Some have extended the time, but you wouldd have to check with your company to see if it is one of them. if not, then you have to disconnect the cold water pipe and pull what is left of the plastic tube out of the heater and buy a new one from a store that sells water heaters and drop it in the hole. Then reconnect the cold water pipe and turn the water back on. Finally connect a hose to the drain valve and flush as much of the old plastic out of the heater as possible.

: : Can you explain this to me? Where is it, what does it do and how do I go about replacing it??

: : Thanks.
: : : Sounds like you have a failing dip tube. You will have to replace it and then flush the particles out of the heater.

: : : : I've been having a persistent problem lately. Most of the filters on the ends of my faucets get clogged with these small white particles. I empty them, and they fill up again. Very annoying. I think it's the hot water side, therefore possibly something with the hot water heater?? What's up?

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