Plumbing Re-pipe
Posted by Rusty on November 09, 1998 at 07:22:11:
I've begun to notice some heavy corrosion in a couple of spots on the hot water line. This encompasses
about 10 feet of galvanized pipe starting from the hot water heater in the garage area. Is it likely that
there's more spots on the line under the house (crawl space)? The house is approx. 40 yrs. old and I'm
wondering if it would be best to just replace the whole line with copper. What's the approximate cost for
this (1900 sq, ft w/kitchen, 2 baths)? Also, would it be cost effective to have the cold water line done
at the same time? What's an approx. cost for both? Also, what fixtures, if any, must be replaced when
a re-pipe is done? Should I expect drywall repair with this process? Finally, how long should it take a
plumbing to complete the re-pipe?


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