Oil Burner Smells
Posted by Tom on April 01, 19101 at 13:52:07:
We just purchased a 15 year old house with a 200,000 btu Peerless boiler(hot water and heat). Before we bought, I remarked to the seller that I could smell the oil burner every time I entered the basement. He had the unit cleaned and all joints in the chimney pipe sealed w/foil tape. Furnace cement was used where the pipe meets the flue. The tech took an effenecy reading of 83%. We liked the house and the sellers sevice Co said it was ok - so we closed. The smell remains. The boiler looks awful, it's charred and discolerd. There is grey soot on the cieling insulation above the unit. I'm going to call my oil co. before we move in and will buy a new unit if I must but I wanted to know if anyone on this board has experience w/this problem? and how much will a decent replacement 200,000 btu boiler should cost installed?

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