Installing washer/dryer where one has not gone before---
Posted by Dennis on March 31, 19101 at 16:35:59:
Installing a washer/dryer in an upstairs condo, really like the Equator, which does not need venting, but I really could use a large machine for dog beds, comforters, etc. Need to run a gas line, which does not seem to be a major thing, though I would like an earthquake valve on the line only.

The main problem I run into is the drain, a plumber told me this is difficult---why? This could tie into the kitchen sink drain, or dump outside into the sink (jerry rig set-up) or even go through a walk in closet into the tub itself. I intended to have PCV pipe or something placed over the vulnerable sections of hoses, if hoses used, plus a safety shut off, and a device to stop a flood if a hose bursts. Upstairs condo built as apartments in the 60's.

I will be having a plumber doing this, best way?
I intend to stay here many years.