Tile Shower - Help it's leaking!
Posted by C Dewar on March 31, 19101 at 14:17:15:
I have a tile shower and recently found water leaking into the next room. Looking behind the wall I noticed that water was in the rubber membrane and must have gotten over this. However, I thought that the water was to flow towards the drain so that this shouldn't happen. I was even shown a special drain with grooves in it for the water to flow. We were told to replace the drain. Thinking this was a problem we called in a plumber, but he told us that the drain wasn't the problem, but instead it was the grout. He was going to silicone the corners to the shower to keep the water from going in. Not knowing what to do, I searched the web and found this site and read that tiles and grout were like sponges. Reading this, I don't think that silocone is the solution. Has anyone had this problem and know that I should do about this. Please e-mail me with the answers.

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