Re: Why is water suddenly brown?
Posted by hj on March 30, 19101 at 23:25:53:
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You can rest easy about a broken main line. Water goes out of broken pipes, debris does not come in unless the pipe is actually separated and then you have no water and a swimming pool outside.

: Actually the water ran constantly brown for two days, now it's sort of yellowish. Strange occurance and i'm mainly concerned for my family's health. Seems to be clearing up by itself but in the high rent area where we live this knida stuff should not be happening. All internal feed pipes are the same from 1950 and are galvanized 1" throughout the house. I thought perhaps there was a break in the incoming line outside that allowed some ground water to penetrate the system, but because only one water fed room was affected I am still confusedd. Other advice? Thanks and best regards, Ric.

: : If you mean, the water runs brown for a short while after you first turn it on in the morning, it may be that someone has used a piece of cast iron pipe (designed for gas lines) instead of galvinized pipe (designed for water). Find this pipe and replace it. [Ask me how I know this!]

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