Re: copper to PVC union ok underground ?
Posted by Mike Voss on March 29, 19101 at 20:32:53:
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Actually, I did better than that.

I sweated threaded fittings onto the copper and put threaded fittings on the PVC as well and maded them with appropriate sealer. Perfect seal, no worries. (and no hired help either, sorry !)


: : I am re-piping my swimming pool filtration system. The new location requires me to extend the 2 existing lines by 40 feet. These lines will untimately be covered by earth and then have a concrete deck over them. I would like to use PVC pipe to save money, but I am fearful of burying the copper to PVC union (compression) in case it ever fails. So, 2 quesitons:

: : 1) Is my fear founded ? What if I encased the union in concrete ?

: : 2) Where is a good source for 2" copper pipe in the Los Angeles area. (the home improvement centers seem to be a ripoff on this item)


: : Mike
: :

: Yes, your fear is VERY WELL FOUNDED! The copper pipe is smooth outside diameter, but it's hard. The PVC compression fitting uses a ferrule inside the fitting designed to bite into like type material, which is much softer than the copper. The swimming pool filter system operates using an electronic solenoid which opens and closes fast, which shakes and hammers the copper line, but you adding a pvc compression fitting introduces a weak link into that copper system, and thats gonns leak within a year. When you backfill that connection with dirt then bury that in concrete, the pressurized leak will cause the dirt to erode away and create a void under your concrete, and the water will load the pool cavity and the weight of the pool water will crack the pool, and damage the home and surrounding neighbors. How expensive did you say that copper pipe is in Los Angeles? Contact Familian Pipe and supply. Contact Graingers. Contact US Pipe and Supply, Contact Copper Pipe America. If all you need is forty or fifty feet, you can buy it in a continuous coil with no joints at Home Depot. And not only that, but you can use a copper to copper compression fitting under the concrete. But let me tell you this........I sure hope I don't buy a house within three houses any direction from yours, you're gonna float the neighbors away when you're at the beach away from home. C'mon, bite the bullet, admit the copper connection under the concrete needs to be sweat fitted by a professional. Hire a LICENSED plumber and you'll sleep better.

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