Re: Copper pipes in Column/how to Attach?
Posted by Terry Love on March 29, 19101 at 20:03:02:
In response to Re: Copper pipes in Column/how to Attach?

: I replaced the galv pipes in this hollow column with copper, do I need to worry about bellying of the copper pipes because they are only secured at basement level and second floor level; I can't get inside the column, its around 9 feelt vertically that is not secure...Also a new pvc drain line runs through,,,sounds like I may be in for a noise problem and I had the idea of filling up the entire column with expanding foam to serve 2 purposes, 1)securing the pipe and 2)dampning the noise. Sound like a plan?

I like to put some lengths of foam insulation around the pipe so they don't bang, in situations like yours where there is no access.
The expanding foam sounds good.
Those babies won't go anywhere with that.

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