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Posted by Mad Plumber on March 29, 19101 at 19:38:20:
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: I have replaced an old toilet and had to take the old tank to put on new bowl, and of course the old tank has a slight crack and very slow leak. The new tank is about 8 inches in width and the old is about 6 inches. I would like to find a new tank to replace the old one, and having a hard time finding such. The crack is in the corner of tank not around any of the sealing surfaces. I do not have the manufactor of the old tank however may be able to find it. Edward

Okay, let's get this straight. The old tank is 6" deep. The new tank is 8" deep. You have a new bowl. One tank leaks and one of the tanks has a crack that you consider "No big Deal!!"

So the trick is to find the tank that is "No big Deal!!" and fit it on the new bowl, Hey! what brand is that old tank anyway? Hmmm, why am I not using the old tank. Wait! I am! Is it the old tank leaking or the new tank. Why do I have two tanks in the first place! Hey! You're confusing me. Why don't I have two bowls? If I had two bowls would that help? I had pizza for lunch, with salad bar of course. I think I used a bowl and not a plate for it. I try to eat pizza when I can because my wife doesn't like pizza. Last year I went fishing and caught a lot of fish in a lake that was hard to get to. Do you suppose that's why there were fish there. I mean if'n it was hard for me to get there, wouldn't it a be a bit hard for the fish to leave? I brought fish back, but by the time I cooked them, they were smelling bad. Then my wife told me that I should take out the trash again. When I came back, the door had locked, so I banged on the door, but my wife was taking a shower and singing till the neighbors were about to complain. I don't think she could hear me. She wasn't so loud that the neighbors couldn't think above the noise, it was more like cus it sounded so gratey on the ears. I need a hair cut I think.

What were you asking?

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