Basement Bathroom
Posted by Kerry Medeiros on March 29, 19101 at 00:05:21:
I am designing a bathroom for my basement, and am currently trying to figure out my plumbing. I have run into few problems, and any advice you could offer would be great.

The bathroom will be under the kitchen. In the kitchen, there is currently a 1 1/2" vent that extends out through roof. Obviously tying into this vent will not be adequate for a toilet, sink, washer (or will it?). There are no walls above the bathroom to run a new vent stack, only an exterior wall (2x4) where the 1 1/2" vent is. What are my options? Studor vents maybe? I had thought maybe using Studor's on the washer, and sink, then tying the toilet into the existing 1 1/2" kitchen vent. Will that be adequate?


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