Re: Refrigerator Water Supply Problem
Posted by Gary Alecusan on March 28, 19101 at 17:48:12:
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: True, but the fact remains that the only time the refrigerator door dispenser will work is if the kitchen sink is turned on. Remember that the refrigerator is being supplied from a water valve right behind it made for ice makers. It seems as if there is a vacuum problem, but I can't seem to fix it.

: The fact that the sink works has nothing to do with what happens when you press the dispenser lever, except to tell you that the water system to the house has not been turned off. The dispenser is not a faucet, it operates a switch that controls the water inlet solenoid valve. If the power fails or the solenoid goes bad, then you will not get water from the dispenser.

: : When you push on the water dispenser on our refrigerator door, nothing happens. But if you turn on the water at the kitchen sink on the other side of the kitchen, then the water will come out fine. The refrigerator water has been working fine for five years and this just started!

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