Rust(?) clogged cast iron drain line
Posted by Steve Musial on March 28, 19101 at 10:07:47:
The drain line from our bathroom vanity in our house started running slow last week. By Sunday it was filling the bowl and taking 15 minutes to empty. I removed the trap and snaked it to a blockage with no joy. I went to the basement and snaked from the clean out to the 4" stack (about 6') I hit some sort of blockage and could break through but everytime I ran water through, it would stop up again. I would then snake through and consistently hit a blockage everytime. I would seem to have the blockage cleared but it always stops up again.

Looking in the pipe from the clean out, it seems the entire length has a rust build-up on the inside and it's less than half it's normal diameter. The house is only 37 years old and the water is moderately hard. (we've only been in it since March 9 - before that it was empty and on the market for 9 months or more)

Any ideas to fix this i.e. will pouring vinegar down the drain help to disolve the rust? We have a warranty on the house with a 50.00 deductable but I could replace that section myself cheaper than that (hopefully as a last resort). Anything I'm missing or should be trying?


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