Re: Replacement for Case 3000 wall hung toilet
Posted by hj on March 28, 19101 at 08:22:57:
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The beauty of the 3000's was that they could not overflow when they plugged up, which made them ideal for upstairs bathrooms. I really regretted it when Briggs decided to stop production on them. In your case, there is no other toilet which uses the Case/Briggs hanger bar, so you have to open the wall and remove it and then install the two upper bolts on the carrier in the wall. How you do that depends on the carrier. Some already have the tappings for the upper bolts and others need a pair of extensions. Making this revision will still be much easier than opening the floors and installing a tee anc closet bend for a floor mount toilet.

: We have two Case 3000 wall hung toilets, installed in the 1960s when our house was built. Replacement ballcocks are available on the web, which are pricey but make it possible to keep the toilets working basically forever.

: The toilets are actually very good quality and work great. However, my wife hates the colors, purple and green (very 1960's -- I say wait a few more decades and the colors are bound to be back in style).

: Our plumber says that repiping would be a huge project. Is there any other toilet that can be used as a replacement without major replumbing?

: Our plumber thinks that the Elger Walford would work, but another discussion on this web site suggests that no current toilets are compatible with the mounting and plumbing configuration of our Case toilets.

: I must admit I'm also nervous about installing a new 1.6 gpf toilet. These toilets have to flush down a lot of 1960's cast iron drainpipe before reaching the septic system.

: Maybe just staying with the ugly colors and sky high maintenance costs is the best option, but I would really like to know if there is another compatible toilet out there.

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