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Posted by John Bridge on March 27, 19101 at 19:55:24:
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: : Hello, Terry
: : I've read your BBS for a long time and have found many useful tips, and now I have a question. For a bath remodeling project, we have found a particular shower kit (pan & doors) that will suit out purposes. There is a bit more lateral room to one side, though that we would like to take advantage of. Since we are tiling the walls anyway, I thought I might be able to build in a bench seat. It seems that I can still use the original shower pan (one of those neo-angle types) since the floor area doesn't change. I think that if I include a membrane under the bench's tile work and seal & wrap over the pan on the way down the wall, it should work. Am I right, or is there something I'm not figuring on? I really don't want to float out a masonry pan if I don't have to. Thanks - Rob

: Rob,
: You may be better off, if you want to use the pan, to install a shelf type seat, one that attaches to the wall in the corner perhaps. That way the pan remains untouched.
: Terry

The main problem with shower seats is at the seat/wall juncture. Water tends to wick back into the wall at that point. So whether your seat is a bench or otherwise, it's very important to provide proper waterproofing. We build out seats as "monuments," inside the shower pan liner.

In the case of the plastic shower base, I would forget the seat altogether.


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