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Posted by Terry Love on March 26, 19101 at 17:25:51:
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: I just bought a new washing machine for my condo. The problem is that the drain is now overflowing. I tried snaking it and blasting it with a gardin hose, but that did not work. The drain is not blocked, it will drain, but it drains slow. If you put the hose in and turn the water on full, it takes a minute then it backs up, but if you turn the water down for a second it will drain. The washer seems like it is draining too fast for the pipes to handle. Or the pipes are partially blocked somewhere down the line.
: Do you have any advise you can give me for what I can try next?

A slow drain on the washer can be caused by:

An unvented trap. (A check behind the wallboard would perhaps show this)

Undersized drain, you may have a 1.5" drain instead of a 2" drain.

It could need snaking. (which you have tried)

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