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Posted by Terry Love on March 26, 19101 at 12:14:32:
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: We need to replace our existing "old" toilets and were wondering about the performance of the Amer. Standard Cadet toilets. How will this unit compare to the old units using so much more water. Will is flush as well? I hear all these complaints about the 1.6 gal toilets. Does a septic system affect which toilet to choose? Also, what is a reasonable price to pay a plumber to install a toilet (replacing an existing)? I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks

Tooth Doc,
It depends on how old. Many of the 1.6 will work better than the 3.5 toilets.
If you have a 5.0 or better, than maybe so, maybe not.
The Cadet is a good working toilet, with tight bends. It can catch things if you are not careful.
The report below will have some answers.

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