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Posted by Olga on November 07, 1998 at 18:04:48:
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: To each his own opinion. It has been my experience that steel tubs will chip faster, and rust, (and rust through), at the chip or around the drain. I will only install them if the customer insists or purchases them himself. On one job, he had to take 4 tubs up to the second floor before he found one that was not damaged.

: : : Quality, weight, longevity, and price. The cast-iron is the top in all those categories. Then comes Amercan Standard's Americast, third is fiberglass, and the least desirable is steel.
: : hj

: : I like steel over fiberglass,
: : Terry

Thanks for your opinions, and your help. I must have a lousy plumber, because he wants to sell me an acrylic tub. I'm going to insist on the Americast. Any suggestions for the tub wall? Do they have a good one? Any of you guys want to do some work in the Adirondacks?

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