Darn dip tubes!
Posted by sandra severson on March 23, 19101 at 18:03:29:
I have a huge problem with this. Having the sparse hot
water going into washer, plus gritty buildup and noises
around hot water faucets when turning them on. I have
two bathrooms and laundry, but worse yet, house is over
100 years old and lots of the plumbing is very old. I
haven't gotten my installer to agree to flush out the
plumbing system or to clean out faucets, showerheads,
dishwasher and clothes washer (where hot water comes in
and whatever else is clogged up with the white junk).
He did horder the new dip tubes and I know the RHEEM
company will pay him to install them - but the other
problems will still exist. And the WORST is this: I
have an 18 year old son who, about a year after the
new water heater was installed, began getting sick,
the typical irritable bowel sydrome symptoms. He was
SO sick that he missed high school entirely - studied
at home, in order to graduate. HE's still sick. It
seems pretty coincidental, when I look at all the white
junk floating in our water - and knowing that he did
use hot water for tea EVERY day of his life, and for
making soups, cooking pasta, etc. He was about 12-13
then, and probably more vulnerable than an adult. So
does anyone out there know of any health problems that
have been documented as a result of this dip tube mess?
I have been told that the little pieces of plastic are
also carcinogens, so does that mean then, that my son
has intestines that are full of pooled carcinogens and
will eventually develop cancer there? I can get NO
answers from the local health dept. (they don't KNOW
any), and no one can tell me what type of medical test
I can have done on my son, to find out if he has tiny
pieces of plastic in vital organs, etc.
If anyone can help, I'd truly appreciate it because
I am so worried about my sick son's future. (Not to
mention mad about the plumbing problems.).
THANKS very much.
Sandra Severson - could you plEASE ANSWER TO MY OWN
HOTMAIL EMAIL ACCOUNT? I'm afraid I'll never find this
message board again, to check for answers. THANKS.

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