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Posted by hj on March 23, 19101 at 08:31:19:
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First, if you buy it at home depot, I would not pick it up for you unless I added the delivery time to the installation fee. Second, my price for the water heater includes guaranteeing it. If you buy it at Home Depot and there is a problem with it, you will either have to remove it, exchange it for a new one, and reinstall it yourself, or pay the plumber additional to do it. He will also not come out and check its operation if the water is not hot enough or there is any other problem. Since HD, (and the other similar stores), has a reputation for having an abnormal number of defective products, you are playing a version of Russian Roulette. As for the $300 installation fee, invariably, when someone wants the price over the phone, they do not hear the caveat that the actual price will depend on the situation and the water heater may be behind a water softener, in a closet with a door that is too small to get it out, or there is some other situation that makes even the $300 price too little and then customer says, "But you quoted me $300 over the phone."

: Let the plumber pick one up at home depot and pay
: him to install it. Plumbers always screw you on the price because they get a discount at the supply house. For the $300, you have to buy the fittings, solder, pipe dope, etc. If you have the torch, wrenches and are not afraid of a gas leak do it yourself.

: : Is it in a garage? If so, is it mounted on an 18" platform or stand? If not then the new unit has to be elevated and that will cost more money than one in a laundry/utility room on the floor.

: : : I have problem with a Gas Water Heater (A.O. Smith FSQ 40 940). It is leaking. I want to replace it.
: : : I found a new one for $195.00. But almost all plumbing companies that I call ask about $600 for
: : : replacement with their unit. Or $300 for replacement with my heater. I think that it is too much. Is there
: : : any way to lower this cost?

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