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Posted by hj on March 23, 19101 at 08:13:47:
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I do not treat a septic system any different than if it were a municipal sewer. The only concession is the periodic pumping and that is not accelerated by having a disposer. The ISE septic disposer has an enzyme injector that operates each time the disposer is used. A monthly injection of septic aide material will do the same thing. I did not install the septic disposer in my own new residence since I prefer the higher horsepower models and it only has a 1/2 h.p. motor.
: I have a new house that has well and septic. I have heard arguments that say that you should not have a garbage disposal if you have septic and other that say a garbage disposal is OK as long as you have you tank pumped more frequently, due to the extra solids from the disposal. Any thoughts on this subject?

: Secondly, they sell garbage disposals that they say are designed specifically for septic systems. What is the differance between a regular garbage disposal and the one for septic? Does it really matter which one I use?

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