Shower drain not to code
Posted by Jeff Johnson on March 22, 19101 at 13:02:49:
Terry, I am installing a 3/4 bath in my basement. I have carved out the concrete and found a 3 inch drain pipe to connect my toilet to, but the pipe I have found to connect my sink and shower to is a 1-1/2 inch pipe. To connect the shower to the 3 inch, I would have to cut up another 8 feet of concrete, so I would like to use the 1-1/2 for my sink and shower. I've heard that the shower calls for 2 inch to be up to code, but will 1-1/2 be okay? My drain would be about 18 inches from the pipe I'm connecting to. If I connect to this pipe, I will only be using 1-1/2 to prevent a larger 2 inch scaling down to the 1-1/2.

One other question. If it is okay to connect to the 1-1/2, is it acceptable to use 2 inch vent pipe for all 3 items (sink,commode, shower)?

(FYI, the 1-1/2 inch is the drain for my kitchen sink and dishwasher on the floor above)

Thanks in advance!

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