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Posted by Russell Maus on March 22, 19101 at 07:32:41:
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I am not a professional plumber either, but I had a problem with copper pipe in my crawlspace and did not wish to try to sweat the patch on. I used a compression fitting available at home centers but just a bit more expensive than soldering (~$2-3 over <$1 for the soldering parts). It worked great with the added advantage that the pipe DOES NOT neeed to be dry at all when you use the compression fitting.
Hope that gives you another option.

: Hi,

: I was wondering if there was a way to fix a broken copper pipe without soldering it, or am I going to have to replace it and solder it in place again. It was frozen and broken in the middle of the pipe and isn't leaking near a joint as far as I can tell.

: Thanks

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