Toilet seat assys, not enough paint or baking time.
Posted by Aurelio Romeu on March 21, 19101 at 18:34:35:

I live in Stonecrest, Summerfield,Fla. and Oriole built our house, I have three bathrooms and the seats on two the paint is rubbing off. This process, has a very light millage of paint and has not been either baked long enough. The one that's a guest room is the only one in two and a half years that has all the paint on it. Never in my life have I seen paint come off of a toilet seat. So I know it must either be an electrostic process or a Powder coat, I's say electrostatic process, too light of coating and not enough bake time. Spent a lot of time on painting to prevent rust. Electrostatic saves paint but doesn't give protective coating. Baking is a big answer to protection.
Need some of the while color to touch up two toilet seat in a May 1998 built home. Thank you.

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