Re: Gas water heater replacement
Posted by Chuck on March 21, 19101 at 15:48:28:
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Let the plumber pick one up at home depot and pay
him to install it. Plumbers always screw you on the price because they get a discount at the supply house. For the $300, you have to buy the fittings, solder, pipe dope, etc. If you have the torch, wrenches and are not afraid of a gas leak do it yourself.

: Is it in a garage? If so, is it mounted on an 18" platform or stand? If not then the new unit has to be elevated and that will cost more money than one in a laundry/utility room on the floor.

: : I have problem with a Gas Water Heater (A.O. Smith FSQ 40 940). It is leaking. I want to replace it.
: : I found a new one for $195.00. But almost all plumbing companies that I call ask about $600 for
: : replacement with their unit. Or $300 for replacement with my heater. I think that it is too much. Is there
: : any way to lower this cost?

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