Natural gas line - is 1 inch enough?
Posted by John Hirschi on March 21, 19101 at 13:13:54:
Hi, I need to run a gas line from my meter to a gas stove/oven, large gas dryer, and gas grill. All of which are about 70 feet from the meter. I have two questions:

1 - I was planning on running 1 inch pipe to the first appliance, then going to 3/4 to the next appliance, then 1/2 to the next (they are all about 10 feet apart). Will that be sufficient?

2 - The stub coming off the meter is 3/4. Can I go from 3/4 at the meter and bump it up to 1 inch right there, or do I have to removed the T at the meter and install one that comes off at 1"?

John Hirschi

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