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Posted by hj on March 21, 19101 at 08:06:17:
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The reason they are expensive is that it costs just as much to design and produce that drain, (and faucet) as it does a regular one. But the production costs on a regular one is spread over a million units. How many slipper tub drains do you suppose they sell? I cannot see any way to make a wood box and not have it take away from the look you must have wanted by buying the tub in the first place.

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: I bought a slipper tub and now have found out that the plumbing is expensive. It is not a drilled tub so it must look good. The drain, supply lines and clamp is right around 500.00, and this isn't even the faucet! Is there somewhere more reasonable - it was suggested to me to make a wood box and enclose lines, and put a nice faucet on top. How would I do this? Thanks

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