Ejector Pump and the "float" thingy
Posted by Wenda O'Neill on March 18, 19101 at 11:16:12:
My husband and I purchased a house which recently had a basement bathroom installed. The basement bathroom has an ejector pump. We thought it was broken, because it never went on, and the sewerage actually backed up into the shower. We purchased a new pump (Flowtech). Turns out that the problem has something to do with the position of the float. In it's current position the water (sewerage) would back up into the shower before the pump would kick in, leading my husband to believe that it was set too high.

Unfortunately, this float isn't like the one in the back of the toilet, with a nice hard piece of wire and an easy "set-up". This float is a flexible tube with the float on the end. My Husband anchored (w/wire ties and fishing weights) the tube closer to the base of the tank so that the float wouldn't have so far to go before it "flipped the switch". Now the pump starts at the right point, however it doesn't turn off. We can't seem to get it work properly. Any suggestions?

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