Re: Toto CST403, CST704 vs. Gerber 21-702, 21-712
Posted by Tom on March 17, 19101 at 14:39:40:
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I have a Toto ultramax in one bathroom and a Gerber 21-702 in another. The Toto has a quicker flush and is better looking, but they both flush well. The Gerber flows water over the sides of the bowl better. Neither clogs easily, but either one will clog if you use too much paper(as will any toilet). The Toto is tougher to unclog for some reason. They are equal as far as which would clog first. The Ultramax cost me 4 times as much as the Gerber, but its a one piece. Sorry I don't have experience with the less expensiv Toto.

: First and foremost thanks for all of the GREAT information about low-flush toilets on your website! I am telling all of my friends that are building a house in the next few years about it.

: I am building a house and it was specked out with Mansfield Alto toilets (I am so glad I found your site!) In the downstairs 1/2 bath I am putting a Toto Drake, but I need help deciding about the other bathrooms. I do not want to spend the money for Drakes in all 4 bathrooms. I wanted Western Clinton and Aris for the other bathrooms but they are not available in my area. I have access to the following toilets and they are equal in price.

: Which of the following is the best choice?:

: For Elongated bowls:

: Toto CST 704 or Gerber 21-712

: For Round Bowls:

: Toto CST 703 or Gerber 21-702

: I like the look on the Gerber better but function definitely comes before style with me when it comes to toilets!

: Thanks in advance!

: Ronnie Ferrell

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