Ok to install garbage disposal in home with septic tank?
Posted by BA on March 17, 19101 at 11:51:34:
I can't seem to get the same answer twice in a row. I purchased, about 18 months ago, a 55 year old home. It has a dishwasher and washing machine all connected to the septic system. There are two bathrooms. I've had no septic problems; however, I lived alone until about two months ago when my fiance moved in. I've noticed the snow melts over the septic tank now. This didn't happen last year. Does this mean it's now getting overused? When the system was inspected prior to my purchase, the inspector said all was well. This is really off the intended subject of my inquiry but if anyone has an answer, I'm interested.

As for the garbage disposal, I've already purchased it and was intending to install today. Sears says it's OK to install (I purchased the disposal there). Home Depot says NO. The home is not wired for a disposal so I have to do all the wiring, etc. I don't want to go through all the effort just to find I've created septic problems.

In-Sink-Erator has a unit that emits chemicals with each use. Is this necessary or just a hype? I checked out their website last night and they said "if your speptic system handles a dishwasher and washing machine, it's ok to install a disposal." They do, however, have this "specially designed" system for septic systems. It costs about $100.00 more than the unit I already purchased.

I feel it should be ok since all the materials disposed are pulverized? Maybe I'm wrong? Can I hear from the experts out there?

BA in CT

P.s. Until I hear from y'all, I guess I'll work on installing the garage door opener (another Sears purchase).

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