Re: Toto CST403, CST704 vs. Gerber 21-702, 21-712
Posted by Curt on March 16, 19101 at 14:48:02:
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I bought a Toto CST 704 as my first forray into 1.6 gpf toilets. It's a pretty plain looking thing, but it was reasonably priced and flushes great.

: First and foremost thanks for all of the GREAT information about low-flush toilets on your website! I am telling all of my friends that are building a house in the next few years about it.

: I am building a house and it was specked out with Mansfield Alto toilets (I am so glad I found your site!) In the downstairs 1/2 bath I am putting a Toto Drake, but I need help deciding about the other bathrooms. I do not want to spend the money for Drakes in all 4 bathrooms. I wanted Western Clinton and Aris for the other bathrooms but they are not available in my area. I have access to the following toilets and they are equal in price.

: Which of the following is the best choice?:

: For Elongated bowls:

: Toto CST 704 or Gerber 21-712

: For Round Bowls:

: Toto CST 703 or Gerber 21-702

: I like the look on the Gerber better but function definitely comes before style with me when it comes to toilets!

: Thanks in advance!

: Ronnie Ferrell

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