drum traps
Posted by Jason Herington on March 16, 19101 at 12:46:50:
We are in the process of remodeling our bathroom. We removed a cast iron tub and tiled walls with a shower surround. When doing the tub, we replaced the piping from the tub down to the metal drain pipe. Our problem is the drain has been slow, but now it is really slow. Our house is a concrete slab and was built in the 50's. We have had a couple plumbers out and no one seems to be able to get more than 24 - 30 inches in the drain and they run into a "solid object".

Any ideas? Our sink and toilet are functioning fine. Also, what is a drum trap, what does it do and what does it look like?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, it is looking like we may have to tear up our recently replace flooring to replace the drain.

Jason Herington

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