Re: water heater needs constant resetting sometimes
Posted by MGE on March 15, 19101 at 22:25:45:
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Is your unit a gas (not electric) direct vent or power vent unit (does the exhaust go out a pvc [plastic] pipe out the side of the house instead of through the roof of the house)? If so, the blower motor that forces the exhaust gases out the pvc pipe goes on before the igniter is energized and the gas turned on. There are interlocks to make sure that all the "pieces" are in place before the gas is ignited. The interlocks are controlled by some sort of electronic device (i.e. an integrated computer). My guess is that the logic board has a problem that gets reset when you hit the reset button. I have seen this on a couple of units. Like it's not bad enough to have to reset your PC!

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