Retrofit Clothes Washer drain
Posted by Greg F on March 15, 19101 at 16:54:11:
We got a new clothes washer and the drain that was rigged into our 1930's house is inadequate.

One option is to go through a wall and cabinets to get to a sink about 5 to 6 feet away. This may be easier, but would best be done with a couple of bends. (Are bends okay? To what extent? Or, I can go under the floor and access a toilet or shower drain. Since the crawlspace there is probably not crawlable, I'd likely have to pull up flooring, which is no small problem.

How do I know which one will be best? And what kind of vent should I have? How do you build a standpipe correctly - venting, height,etc.

I'd like to just get the construction/destruction done so I can pay a plumber just to hook into the cast iron.

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