Re: water heater needs constant resetting sometimes
Posted by hj on March 15, 19101 at 08:46:39:
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Your description of the problem is confusing. When it is running, what is running? If it is the heating elements then you would not need to press the reset and you would have hot water. If it is the safety valve then the water was too hot or the pressure was too great. In either case the reset button would not cure that. we would have to know what is "running" in order to tell you how to fix it.
: My water heater needs to be reset constantly, I can hear it running and have to go and push the reset
: button on it, if i hear it running, that means I have no hot water! This is very sporadic, sometimes it
: doesn't happen for weeks or months then it starts doing it and last for weeks. What could be the problem.
: It's a fairly new water heater - appx. 5 years old. It was installed by Sears and last year I had them come
: out to check on this very problem and they couldn't find anything wrong with it. Any ideas! It's driving
: me nuts!!

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