How does a green sand system work?
Posted by Michael Trout on March 14, 19101 at 10:58:01:
I understand the timed activator device on my green sand system (I have an owner's manual), but what I don't understand is the chemical and physical process. Where path does the input water follow, and how and where does it interact with the chemicals? Our pressure tank holds only 200 gallons, so how can the green sand system treat more than that? How can I determine when I need to add more potassium permanganate (other than poking a stick into the reservior to feel around for the powder)? How long should the "scuba tank" last, and how can I tell if it's toast? How much does it cost to replace? Can other filtration systems replace a green sand system (we also have a problem with fine grit in the water, and a slightly elevated hardness level)? What makes the most sense economically?

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