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Posted by Sleepy on March 14, 19101 at 02:05:56:
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I've never heard of a stand alone, oil hot water heater.
Has the system ALWAYS supplied scalding water? If so, maybe that's
the way it was designed. If not, one of the controls is probably
bad. Given the price of gas, I personally would stick with oil for heating.
Electricity has been stable in price, so an electric hot water heater might not
be a bad idea, unless you live in the Northwest. Then, you could just shut off
the hot water part of your system.
Does the boiler have to run all summer, so that you have hot water? If so,
that may be the cause of the problem. It may not be cycling correctly into it's summer mode.
Is there a summer and winter setting, and do you have that set correctly?

: I have a 50 year old oil furnace that supplies hot water and steam. The hot water out of the faucets can be scalding hot and the control box on the unit does not seem to have any effect. I also wonder about the units efficiency after 50 years. Should I, install an oil hot water heater, a gas hot water heater or scrap the whole thing for a new gas or oil system?

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