Yet Another Leaky Shower
Posted by Dan on March 11, 19101 at 18:06:40:
My shower floor is leaking and I'm trying to determine if there is a solution short of replacement. The shower has tiled walls and an "artificial stone" floor, and is about 20-25 years old. Water leaks onto the floor underneath the shower, seeps under a wall and onto the floor of the adjoining room. It's on the ground floor, and access to the crawlspace under the house is extremely difficult, so I don't know what it looks like from underneath. I've tried stoppering the drain as suggested in some of the related posts on this site, and that does not produce the leak. The drain itself runs freely. Nor does it leak when I leave the shower running for a half hour. It seems to only leak when someone is showering. I recaulked all seams and regrouted some cracked grout lines. I inspected the stone pan, and found what appeared to be a hole about 1/8" in diameter. I caulked this and some other imperfections, but it still leaks.

Overall, is there a "fix", or is replacement the only solution?

Is the problem likely to be holes in the stone pan that are opened by weight and flexing? If so, can you recommend a sealant that would fix the leaks and still look OK?

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