ice blockage at septic pump-out
Posted by Martina on March 11, 19101 at 13:27:21:
Our grey water pumps out of the septic tank about 150ft. from the house. The frost has moved down in the ground and we now have an ice blockage about 4 feet down which is causing water that is trying to pump out to just flow back to the septic tank (which is filling rapidly). Our tank is almost full, and I am wondering what I can do to remove the ice blockage in the pipe so that the waste water can be pumped out. I have tried salt, hot water, but nothing has worked. I am living with very limited water so that the septic tank doesn't overflow (husband is away for the week and I'd rather not pay for someone to fix it if I can do it myself...)
Any replies would be greatly appreciated!

Thank You,

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