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Posted by hj on March 09, 19101 at 21:11:36:
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It is possible that the heater has a very limited supply capability, in which case the flow regulator would reduce the pressure to the point where the heater could supply hot water, and then the pressure balancing function of the shower valve shuts the cold water down to the same point. Or if the problem is in the cold water supply then the same thing would happen to the hot water.

: We just finished a major renovation, which included a new bathroom (shower no tub, sink, toilet) downstairs.
: New tankless water heater is upstairs. In old bathroom (when the traditional water heater was downstairs)
: we had plentiful water pressure in the shower. Now it's wimpy, for both hot water and cold. So wimpy, sometimes the water heater
: shuts off, presumably due to inadequate demand. The cold/hot control is a single lever. What could be
: causing the low water pressure?

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