Moen shower valve stem extension
Posted by Lee on March 09, 19101 at 02:27:58:
I have a old Moen (maybe Crane?) shower/tub valve that uses a standard 1225 cartridge.
I recently replaced the old, rusted-out escutcheon (bezel) and old knob with a new Moen
"Montecello" trim kit (P2522). I was trying to avoid having to replace the entire valve, as this
is in an old highrise condo without local shutoff valves and is rather inaccessible. My problem is
that the old escutcheon was recessed about 1/2" in the center, whereas the new one is relatively
flat. Therefore, the cartridge doesn't protrude far enough out of the new escutcheon center
hole for the handle to fasten to it. Trying to rectify the problem, I bought Moen's "handle
extension kit" (p/n #10399), which includes a one-inch stem extension, a longer stop tube, and
some screws. Unfortunately, this doesn't work very well; the extender fits loosely around the
cartridge stem, so the handle wobbles and there is play when turning the handle left and right,
making temperature adjustments difficult. So my question(s) are:

1) Would Moen's "stem extension service kit" (94774) with a 3/4" extender and some other
special parts, work better in this application than the 10399 "handle extension" kit with its 1"

2) Does anyone else make stem extenders that fit Moen cartidge stems and might work better?

3) Does anyone make a nice-looking replacement escutcheon with the recessed center that
puts the screw holes about 1/2" behind the wall plane rather than in line with wall. This is the
non-pressure-balanced valve with two holes for screws (about an inch apart) below the large
hole for the stem.


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