Re: Removing a 52 year old cast iron tub
Posted by Chuck on March 08, 19101 at 19:57:52:
In response to Re: Removing a 52 year old cast iron tub
If it's a claw foot tub someone might remove it for free. Otherwise, wear protective gear and hit it with a "short handled" heavy hammer. Caste Iron will eventually break. Be sure to protect your eyes! It may take twenty or so wacks with short handled hammer. The short handle will give you more control and allow you to hit your target and not your leg.

: How do we get this old thing out? The bathroom is too small to pick it up & move it , not to mention, it's to heavy for the 2 off us to lift? Can we cut it waith a saw? Also is there really a place to hit it with a sledge hammer that will cause it to basiclly collapse? Help us please!!!!

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