Raised & UnLevel TOILET FLANGE ;-(
Posted by Wen Reder on March 08, 19101 at 11:06:12:
I just bought a new Toto UltraMax toilet for my basement half bath/ laundry room. Upon removal of the old toilet I discovered the CAST TOILET FLANGE is "raised" off the cement with about 3/8" space under it (builder probably allowed for TILE flooring?) as well as being "uneven", that is one side of the flange slants down about 3/32". It's NOT "bolted" to the floor, but it was "soldered" into the 3" DWV copper pipe. It appears to be "solidly attached", the FLOOR is LEVEL, the old toilet seated okay and didn't leak. I haven't checked the "well depth" of the wax ring recess in the new Toto, but there was over 1/4" of compressed wax on the TOP of the flange when I removed the OLD toilet. I certainly don't want to open a can of worms and create unnecessary work, but on the other hand, I want to do a correct installation and I DON'T want to crack or break my new UltraMax. Please give advice / comments !! THANKS !!

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