Need advise re: choosing a shower pan.
Posted by Charlie on November 06, 1998 at 00:50:53:
I am in the what-to-do phase of remodeling a bathroom. I am considering replacing a 60" tub with a 40" wide shower and a narrow cabinet.

Can anyone comment on the potential for leaks and the costs of the following pan types.... mud-set tile, cultured marble, acrylic, fiberglass? Terry Love likes these, but I don't know why.

Does anyone know where I can find, as a standard size, a 32"x40" shower pan with a single threshold on the longer side? The contractors I have contacted say this size is not available, but maybe just means not available from their suppliers.

I have some flexibility in width because one of the side walls has not been built yet. I have found 32x48 pans, but the extra few inches uses space I want for the cabinet. 32" is the max depth I can use.

Thanks. Charlie.

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