Water Softner needs a drain
Posted by Art on March 07, 19101 at 15:24:51:
2300 sq.ft. Raised Ranch with a finished basement that I bought 1 year ago almost to the day.
I really want a Water Softner, to save on soap, scale buildup, etc. Today a water company came to
install it, what do you know I need a drain. I didn't think about that and they never asked. There are
no waste lines on that side of the house. I live in CT where I'm told it is illegal to have
open drains, so I can't just pipe it outside through the foundation wall. Besides which the outer wall
of the utility room is under the cement front stoop. What do I do?

My father-in-law had the idea of burying a 55 gallon drum in a bed of gravel in the front yard and piping
to it from the utility room. If we somehow managed to drill through all the cement of the foundation and
front stoop, I still don't think such a phony spetic system will work very well, if at all, for long. We are
talking about salt water going into a steel drum here. However, his idea leads me to think maybe a
small cement tank, hence, we'd end up with two septic systems. One of which only the Water Softner,
and occasionally the hot water heater(draining it for sediment, would ever use. This sounds crazy!
However, how to I get a wate drain into the utility room if there are NO waste lines on that side of
the house.


I'm clueless on how to proceed.

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