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Posted by curt on March 07, 19101 at 12:48:44:
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I needed a wall-hung and found there aren't very many options for a residential wall-hung toilet. If it is a rear-exit - sits on the floor but discharges through the wall- you get a couple more options, but still very few.

Crane and I think it is Kohler make a residential wall hung toilet. Both are expensive for what you get, a basic toilet. I bought the Crane because it's price was less outrageous than the Kohler, about $500 versus $630. Even so, this is probably cheaper than changing over you installation. Only a fool would install a wall mount if it wasn't necessary, so there is most likely some reason for your installation. Even if you could go to a standard bottom discharge, you may have a significant plumbing and wall/ceiling repair to move the waste pipe from the wall to the floor.

If you need a wall-mount, I wouldn't give the Crane I bought high marks; my $107 dollar Toto flushes better. The Kohler used a Sloan Flushmate for a pressure flush. You may want to consider it if the noise and cost doesn't bother you.

: I need to replace a toilet in my condo. The old toilet is a Briggs, and it has a rear output to the wall, versus the floor. It was installed in 1987. Is there a replacement out there at a reasonable cost; or, would it be cheaper to have the plumbing redone to accomodate a floor installation.

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