air getting into forced hot water (heat) pipes
Posted by Linus on March 07, 19101 at 08:15:27:
Hi. I have forced hot water for heat. The water is heated with an oil burning furnace. Air has been getting into the pipes, which causes the system to shut down when too much air gets into the circulator pump. I have bled the air out many times (I can see the air bubbles come out) and purged the water, but air just gets back in and shuts it down.
Some additional info: I live on the top floor of a 3-story building...each floor has its own heating pipes and furnace. I have checked the pipes and baseboard for leaks but can't find any. The expansion tank is a HUGE cylinder mounted on the ceiling of the must be old becuase the other furnaces have the smaller expansion tanks mounted directly on the furnace.
Any ideas?

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