Water pressure - questions
Posted by Polekat on March 06, 19101 at 21:27:00:
I have very low water pressure in my second floor bath and have
galvenized pipes in the house. I am guessing that the pipes
are corroded (sp?) and they will need to be replaced.

I have a few questions regarding the repair, and I know that without
actually seeing the house you probably cannot give a definite answer.

1) Will I have to tear up the floor to have the plumbing repaired?
there is an acess panel to the shower but the plumbing runs
up the wall from the area where the sink is (which has no access panel).

2) Does the old galvenized plumbing get torn out or do you leave it and
run new plumbing?

This house is 75 years old and I bought it four years ago.
I have no idea how old the pipes are but am guessing they are the
original. The real kicker is we are trying to sell it and the
water pressure just went to crap on us over the last couple of

Probably too hard to say, but what do you think the damage would
be to have this repaired? Should I did deep into my pockets?



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