Re: mortar bed on plywood subfloor, 2nd story bathroom
Posted by John Bridge on March 05, 19101 at 21:34:38:
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: Terry,

: I've done many handy-man jobs, including a previous bathroom remodel. In that job, I used dur-rock on top of the plywood floor. Unfortunately, the floor was not very level and I am unhappy with the result. So, I am going to proceed with a mortar bed on my masterbath job. Based on the reading I've done (to include a msg on you site), here is how i am going to proceed. I'd like any feedback you might have:

: a. Felt paper (the stuff you use on a roof) laid flat on the plywood subfloor.

: b. Metal lathe/meshing on top of the felt paper.

: c. Sand to cement ratio of 4:1 (per a response you provided, the sand/cement mixture should "look and feel much to dry to use" and should be able to "pack like a snowball").

: d. Screed the sand/cement misture level.

: Questions:

: 1. Do I staple the felt paper to the plywood? (thinking no since staples will puncture the barrier).

: 2. Do you pack the mortar bed down forcefully (thinking using an trowel and applying good pressure).

: 3. Do I need to "raise" the metal messing above the floor, so that, for example, the messing is more toward the middle of the mortar bed?

: 4. What do you use to "texture" the surface of the mortar bed?

: Thanks,

: Ray

Hi Ray,

Staple the lath down through the tar paper. Don't worry about the holes. It's a moisture barrier, not waterproofing.

Everything else is okay, except "texturing" the mud. I don't understand that.


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