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Posted by Sam Vernallis on March 05, 19101 at 18:01:11:
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I'm certainly not an expert, but recall a setup you can buy that doesn't require any return line. A temperature sensor is installed in the hot water line at the fixture (or at the kitchen sink if that's the most important place) furthest away from the water heater. There's a new pipe with a check valve that connects the hot and cold lines at that fixture.As I remember, the pump could be either there, or at the water heater, with a wire running from the temp sensor to the pump. When the sensor calls for heat, the pump runs until the line is full of hot water. The cold water in the lines goes through the check valve, and gets sent back via the cold supply to the water heater.

I don't remember the brand name, etc., but am sure you can find it via a web search. Jim Dulley's column talked about it once upon a time, so maybe you can find info there.

Completely eliminates the need to run a return line.


: I want to install a hot water recirculating pump to eliminate the wait for hot water in the kitchen. All the vendors show a 1/2 inch return line connecting to the heater's drain valve. Why do I need anything larger than a 1/4 inch return line, and why can't it connect to the cold water supply to the heater. I need to circulate only enough water to make up for the heat loss from the supply line, and it should be wrapped with insulation. They also show a check valve, which shouldn't be needed if the pump is running and/or the return line is small.

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